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Our Culture

Since it's foundation, Kingston Christian Academy has been blessed with a remarkable level of support from those committed to the school’s mission. The outstanding Christian education provided is possible through the generous support of our entire KCA family. Parents, grandparents, alumni, former parents, and friends have faithfully given their time and resources to support this ministry, even after their own students have graduated. Between athletic seasons, fundraising opportunities, and other special events, a true sense of family is formed between the students, their parents, and all who support KCA and its vision. The gracious support of our friends allows our faculty to be effective in molding hearts and minds for this life and for eternity. This culture of community has been cultivated since KCA’s inception and will continue to provide an environment that supports students’ in their educational and spiritual journey.



KCA is a Christian school that is committed to nurturing students to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual maturity to serve God and their community. We believe that through rigorous academic instruction, spiritual guidance, and intentional relationships, our students will be prepared to make an impact in the world. We are committed to providing an environment where each student can flourish and reach their God-given potential. Our school strives to cultivate an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and respect so that each student can grow in their faith and be the best version of themselves.


At KCA Christian School, our vision is to create an environment of academic excellence, spiritual growth and moral values. We strive to provide a quality education to our students, while equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to become responsible, faith-filled leaders in our community. We believe in creating an atmosphere where children can thrive, develop into well-rounded individuals, and grow in their faith. We strive to help our students become the best versions of themselves, and to help them reach their highest potential. Our goal is to empower our students to be successful academically, spiritually, and personally.

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